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Computer will not always turn on.

Started by CPC 72, 20:57, 15 March 23

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CPC 72

Occasionally my Amstrad cpc664 won't power on. Sometimes it powers on after a while after I turn on the switch. At worst, it has been minutes before it finally turns on. But there are days it works perfect also. After the power is on the computer works stable without any problems.

The first thing I do is to turn on the monitor then the computer. If the computer doesn't turn on right away, I can still see some faint green glow in the monitor, so the monitor seems to be ok. I don't' think the switch causing the problem because the computer often turns on after some waiting. The cables are connected well. 

Has someone experienced similar problems?


Clean the power switch. Or just test how good (or bad) the switch is by jumping the header pins on the mainboard... Then clean the power switch. :D


CPC 72

Thanks for the good advice  :) On the cpc 664, the disc drive is located above the power switch. It may be some work to remove it first and I will not risk ruining anything either. I rather wait until the problem gets a litte worse than it is right now  ;D

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