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CPC 464 & 6128 Keycaps 3D Model


There is 3d model for normal keys of old logo cpc 464 computer. but there is no model of special keys such as space, del, tab. How can I find the 3D model of these special keys? below is the old logo cpc 464 normal key model. A friend of ours did. And I need a 3d model for the cpc 6128 normal keys of the english keyboard. Where can I find a 3d model of these keys?
this keycap compatible with old logo cpc 464 ( i think and i expect. cause this keycaps are printed for me by 3d printer shop.


--- Quote from: DoctorCPC on 07:34, 08 June 21 ---How can I find the 3D model of these special keys?
--- End quote ---

I would expect that if there would be a model, you could find it. So it is pretty likely that no model exists.


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