CPC 6128 PARADOS ROM Problem and its not working now

Started by DoctorCPC, 10:51, 18 October 21

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The Amstrad CPC 6128 had PARADOS on it. I could turn it on and off with a switch. this switch was soldered to ROM. but made contact. Then I think the legs touched. At this time, when the device is turned on, there is a very deep high-pitched sound and there is no image on the screen. what can I do? I have another Amstrad CPC 6128 broken motherboard. If I install the ROM on it, will it work and fix without PARADOS?

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Both questions are difficult to answer without testing the CPC.

For a start, it's not known whether the failure is in the ROM or the CPC motherboard. My guess is that there is still a short somewhere around the ROM. You shouldn't power up the CPC again until the problem is repaired, you could be causing more damage.


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