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CPC464 - broken key - replacement solutions?

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One of my 464s has two broken keys.

The stamps (cross) are broken and one of the keycaps.

It's hard to find single stamps and key caps and i wonder if someone has made 3d print of those stamps.

Any Infos?



It's not a solution as such, but I have a spare 464 keyboard also with some broken keys which I am just holding onto for the sake of it. It is the old style keyboard, as you say with a cross on a post to hold the key - using a PCB rather than a plastic membrane.

If you tell me which keys are broken I will remove them and send them your way.

On mine, it is the +- key, the _0 key and numeric keypad 8 that are broken.

Here's whats left. As  I say, the +- key is actually held on by magic... it is actually broken.

That would be great ... i'll write you a pm asap ...

Can a 3D printed accessory handle long-tem tear and wear in this case?

Probably, but it's extremely hard to get a smooth surface, it would always feel rough unless you gave it a blast of acetone vapour and then you lose detail.



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