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Early CPC 464 keyboard rubber 'thingie'

Started by WxAxNxDxExRxExR, 23:50, 22 December 23

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Hi all,

Was cleaning an early CPC 464 earlier today and instead of the usual plastic membrane, it had rubber silicon pads of sorts, one large for most keys, one smaller for the num pad and the arrows, as well as two single-key pads, for Space and Ctrl (see photo below). 

Well, I need one of the latter, single key ones, as depicted in the photo... Do you have any at hands or know where I can get one?

Thanks in advance for any help, I am getting despprate!


       it's highly unlikely that you will find an exact CPC replacement. However, luckily, many cheap PC keyboards used this method. They are called "rubber dome membrane keyboards". Just find an old junk keyboard with this type of switch and you can adapt the part to fit the CPC. The parts are all very similar:



Thanks, I found something similar for PS4 controllers on Amazon and ordered it... Will give it a try.

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