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EME-150A : broken track 0 detection ?

Started by reno, 02:22, 14 June 22

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I have an EME-150A that stopped working while I was testing it with my Greaseweazle device. For those of you who have Facebook, I initially asked for help in the GW group here where you can see a video with the drive moving.
The main problem I think is the head assembly moving too far back whether I ask it to seek to track 0 or 40 (yes, it seems to move to the back either way !) and never stopping, making a loud grinding noise when it reaches the end.
The GW software has a disk "clean" function that seeks to random tracks, and it complained with messages like :
Pass 0: 9 0 19 10 29 20 39 30 49 40 59 50 69 60 79 70
Pass 1: 9 ** FATAL ERROR:
Track0 signal asserted after seek to cylinder 9
Pass 0: 4 0 ** FATAL ERROR:
Track0 signal absent after seek to cylinder 0

I have no idea where the track 0 sensor is on an EME-150A, everything I can find is about the EME-156.
I've changed the belt on this drive, lubricated the step motor worm and cleaned the head, that's about it.
It DID work for a while after.

I have another working EME-150A, and one difference I noticed is that, when moving the black ring around the worm screw to manually move the head, this happens in steps in the working drive, whereas on the broken one it's a continuous movement. Is that another clue ?

Any ideas welcome, thanks ! 



I got he same issue in the past and I detected that the black ring was slightly cracked, you may have the same problem.

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