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EME-232 found in a 6128 !?

Started by reno, 03:19, 27 February 23

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I bought a bundle of CPC gear in bad condition that I'm repairing.
There's a 6128 that had a "duplication station" label on it and turned out to have an EME-232 inside !
I know this is a PCW double-sided drive. I haven't yet replaced the drive belt so couldn't test it at all.

Will it even be able to read/write regular CPC disks and generally work like a single-sided drive until you tell it to use both sides ?
I'm going to sell this CPC.
I suppose it's better to fit a single-sided EME, or a Gotek, or even nothing rather than this unusual drive ?
Is there any interest in EME-232s ? 

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