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FPS capture query

Started by ComSoft6128, 15:44, 05 May 23

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When recording video using the Hauppauge Rocket horizontal scroll text is invariably "jerky".
I think this is related to the FPS rate ::)
Does anyone know if this could be the cause?

Thanks for any info.


Depending on what kind of scroller it is, and the techniques used to make it, it could be one of two things:

50/60hz interpolation done by the capture device (some just duplicate 1 in every 5 frames or so making video look jerky)

OR: the capture device doesn't respond well to the picture being shifted by way of the crtc tricks which don't look right at all on flat panel type screens.
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Your Youtube is 720p60. Try grab and send to Youtube video 720p50.

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