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Title: Gotek CPC 6128 problem
Post by: DoctorCPC on 15:05, 28 October 21

Greetings I installed Gotek with Flashfloppy installed on Amstrad CPC 6128. this drive is installed internally. but I remember there was a different program to navigate through the list of DSKs I threw in. Can you give the link of this program? Although I have installed dsk floppy files on gotek, I cannot navigate and select them with the rotor. Where can I find this program and what is its name? I will be glad if you help.

Title: Re: Gotek CPC 6128 problem
Post by: Z|G on 16:32, 28 October 21
Not sure if this is correct.

https://github-wiki-see.page/m/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Initial-Setup (https://github-wiki-see.page/m/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Initial-Setup) ?.?.?

I used this as a guide for mine, don;t recall any flashfloppy (was a few years ago though)

http://www.tehkella.net/retro/?p=637 (http://www.tehkella.net/retro/?p=637)

http://norecess.cpcscene.net/news/hxc-floppy-emulator-manager-v35-released (http://norecess.cpcscene.net/news/hxc-floppy-emulator-manager-v35-released)

run "hxc

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