CPC 6128 Disc drive insertion mechanism

Started by joruib, 11:13, 23 February 22

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I have been cleaning and setting up a CPC 6128 and while changing the drive belt realized that the mechanism to insert the disc has something wrong, the disc seems to not get all in and the button to extract it never goes out as it should.

Is there some service manual for the disc drives in detail? I have not found anything similar.

The drive model is an EME-155.



6128 service manual here which may help:

Fleabay often has CF2 drives (the 3" drive in 6128, FD-1, PCW etc), either for spares or working. just make sure it's an A Drive though.



Sorry, ignore the CF-2, that's the disks themselves :picard:

Some Amstrad PCWs had 2 drives, A & B. B drives from PCWs and are slightly different in construction and how many tracks they write. Good for spares though.

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