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Very cool. I had "half started" a very similar project that went to the dust collection department due to lack of time. How are you protecting the Arduino i/o pins if a chip is faulty? Also, does it have a chip recognition routine?



@anyweb I ordered components to make a new batch of ten ICT, so the extension will be soon available.
The price is 20 € (without shipping costs). The extension is sent mounted and tested.

@Bryce there is no protection at all. As 40 pins of the Arduino need protection, it would be too complicated to add. I have made the choice to focus on powering 4116 and keep thing simple and cheap. There is already 15 ICT made and none destroyed.
There is identification function for logic IC only.

You can watch this video made by a user:
It will show you how it works.

@Patrick  great, can I order one then please ?

@anyweb yes, of course  :)
Just send me an email with your postal address, may be a phone number. When I ships the extension I send an email with a PayPal link for payment and a tracking link.

ok great I sent you an email, thanks @Patrick


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