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Started by ComSoft6128, 22:07, 04 December 21

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I'm hoping that someone can build me a DIN switch for a Plus.

I'm looking for something about the size of a cigarette packet or a cassette tape box with two female sockets at the rear and at the front a male jack with a 6CM lead from the box to the Plus. The switch can be on the top or front of the box.

£30 + postage seems fair.

If anyone can make this please let me know via this post or PM.


Just to add some design requirements:

- Ideally it should have a metal case, otherwise it will pick up noise from anything nearby.
- You will have to switch all signals except the GND, which means you'll need a 7 pole 2 throw switch (extremely difficult to find)

The cheapest way to do it would be to find one of the old manual VGA switches like this one: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=54 and change the plugs/sockets to DIN.



Thanks for the info and link :)

The VGA box is very similar to the data switch/printer switch boxes I used to have but I'm looking for something much smaller. The 28 year old 6128 DIN switch box in the video at 0:46 is the kind of thing I'm hoping(!) someone could produce.



I saw some switch boxes at Amazon that are much smaller.


Might they also work? The comments are so and so and some people explain, that they have issues with higher resolutions - but that shouldn't be an issue for the CPC.

Instead of replacing the VGA ports I would try to make adapters DIN to D-SUB. Might be much less work.



Now all I need is a "hardware guy" to do the job................


OK, so doesn't look like I'll be getting a switch any time soon.
So since yesterday I've been trying this out:


With two SCART cables connected to it I thought there might be a loss of picture quality but everything seems fine, so far.


A splitter will work, but you change the signal impedence when using one of these, so both monitors will be slightly darker than they should be.



Good to know. :)
For mode 2 videos I'll keep it in place but for mode 0 or 1 slideshows I'll disconnect it.

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