M4 2.5C + CPC M4 adapter + case

Started by kamelie1706, 20:30, 22 August 21

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Am I connecting the card and the adapter correctly (pin 1&2 to the right on both)?

Any adapted case? the following one seems done with connector sold on the other side of the board (without adapter?)

Last but not least .... how to upload properly images so they display nice on this forum?  ;D

Thx and long life to CPC
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Connect it the other way around please, Pin one/two to the left (when sitting in front of your computer)


Danke ... what is confusing is on the"CPC M4 adapter" it is written "jp1/jp2" on the right and there no way to plug the other way around (card needs to be up)

I do not fully understand why the card connector was not put on the other side (e.g. "rear side")  ???
Rats! Rats! Rats!

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