NC100 screen fail (probably something else)

Started by PaulTorso, 23:47, 02 June 22

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Hi all , I have recently put my hands on a NC100 , and as it was expected didn't power up.
After a quick surf on internet , I found out that the most common problem is the SMD fuse close to the power jack, probably because wrong polarity was connected.

I've checked and indeed it was blown. I've replace it , and now it powers up but either a single line or multiple lines appear in the screen when I hit the power button. No beep sound as I've seen should be and doesn't power off when I hit the power button back. The single or multiple lines continue on screen until I switch off the power supply. 

I was wondering if anybody has experienced the same problem, or if can guide where start to look for possible troubleshooting.  

Thank you !


Have you checked that all the electrolytic capacitors are still good?


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