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Realised that more juice is required for my 6128 Plus to use both X-Mem & M4 boards connected via a Mother X4, so I've bought myself a new 4A PSU.

What is the best way to connect this up to provide adequate power to the CPC + expansions from the options below? (I still have the monitor power available as well)

1. Connect the new 4A PSU to the CPC and leave at that, let the expansions draw the 5V from the expansion port.

2. Connect the new 4A PSU to the CPC, and connect the monitor 5V output to the power connector on the Mother X4.

3. Connect the monitor power output to the CPC, and connect the new PSU directly to the power connector on the Mother X4.

Advice would be greatly appreciated, along with a quick explanation of why that's the best way! Thanks!

I think that you should not draw power from two different sources to the same circuit simultaneously  :) However, 4A is enough for your setup and you could, from the same PSU, take a lead to the computer and another one for the MX4 board. The alternative is just to connect the computer to the PSU and let the expansions draw the current from the port. With two boards it should be fine and it is easy enough to see if the computer is stable or not :) .

With your M4 board (earlier ones, didn't like the voltage drop on the MX4), I would use option 1.

Definitely option 1. The other options will cause issues and with 4A there's no reason to use the 5V from the monitor at all.



--- Quote from: Bryce on 23:02, 12 February 17 ---The other options will cause issues
--- End quote ---
Oh, why is it so? I guess that's why I'm having so much instability with any other combinaison than X-MEM + X-MASS on MX4. Or maybe that's London power grid.

Would the answer be the same with 3A?

My CPC 6218 is alimented by an Amstrad MP-2F module, and the MX4 by a PSU I thought strong enough (to cry). (See figure 1, 5V 3A)

Well, a Symbiface III only connected on MX4, it complains about the voltage (4.3V) being too low (which is pretty cool).

I guess the most important question is:
* What setup and which PSU would you recommend, to power at least Symbiface III (or M4) + X-Mass + eventually 2 other cards?

I trying to dig in ancient threads, but the links were dead.


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