Author Topic: RGB output from the 6128 Plus and the OSSC  (Read 641 times)

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RGB output from the 6128 Plus and the OSSC
« on: 08:50, 12 June 19 »
Hi All,

Looking for some advice/help.

I've been using the OSSC/Hauppauge Rocket combination for a few months now and it works very well 90% of the time.
Problems arise with certain colour combinations - specifically white backgrounds - this causes sync to be lost which means the Rocket stops recording and leaves me with a corrupted video file. Another problem also causing sync to be lost occurs when loading in 17K screens - sometimes that will be OK but most of the time - nope! ???

As these programs all display perfectly on the original monitor my assumption is that the above problems are caused by a drop in the RGB output from the Plus - a certain lower threshold in the OSSC is crossed which is why it loses sync?

Is it possible to buy a RGB booster that would remove this thorn from my side?


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