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Smoke from tape circuit board

Started by smokeyhowle, 20:00, 05 March 23

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Good Evening all,

Its my 40th birthday this week and my sister bought me a 464 as a surprise after she knew i was trying to source my childhood one without luck. They booted it up to test it but a little smoke came from close to the speaker vent and it stopped working. Ive tested the main board by bypassing the red & white pins it works great so i know its the tape deck side of things.

The only issue i can see with that entire board however is the inductor, it looks like it has a burn on it and blob of metal. Would this likely be the issue and how could i test it?

Thanks for any help guys,

Take care,



    an inductor is just a small coil of wire. If you measure its resistance it should be slightly higher than 0 ohms. If it's open circuit or a high resistance (more than a few ohms) then it's definitely fried. However, I'm not sure that that's a burn mark, it looks more like component glue. See if you can break it off.



Thank you for the reply :) 

Yeh the inductor seems to be fine and that stuff scraped off so not burnt. Nothing on the board looks damaged or burnt, not sure what has gone on it, especially with a puff of smoke.


Most likely a capacitor or (less likely) a diode.


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