vidi digitizer by rombo,help needed

Started by roy bates, 13:08, 04 June 22

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roy bates


i have been sent a blank board that was unidentified by the owner thought to be a rombox initially(he is a member of this forum,but i wont mention who he is at the moment),that looks like a vidi digitizer
what i need if possible is the schematics,or if possible ,someone has one of these could they put up a high res picture of the component side for reference taken in normal lighting and if i am able to talk to someone to to identify the components to build thisYou cannot view this attachment.

i do realise this may be a shot in the dark,but ill give it a go

yes,i know there is a picture in the wiki,but its at a angle so i cant see whats written on all the parts or read whats on the passives and transistors etc

most appreciated,roy

roy bates

unfortunatly,i have had to abandon this project after talking to the owner
i dont think anyone would borrow me one of these to document a parts list at least to build this up
that would of been the next best thing if no schematics was available,i couldnt find any


A high resolution (300dpi) scan of both side of the PCB would be a starter for a reverse enginnering of the schematics  ;)

roy bates

i would argue,that you would need alot more than a scan of a bare pcb for schematics when that board has no markings on it at all,you would have to know what the part locations and what those parts are,including resistor values,capacitor values trimpot values what transistors they are
and besides that i wont be doing reverse engineering to populate a board on behalf of the person who sent the board in the first place
that isnt what i was asked to do,that would be alot more work that the owner would be paying for out of his pocket

i thought about it,and that was the conclusion i came to

i would have to have a populated one here and basically copy it,which in my humble opinion is the easiest and cheapest cost effective method of getting it back to the owner working within a reasonable time frame

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