Author Topic: Who will volunteer to repar my CPC6128 motherboard?  (Read 344 times)

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Anyone in Australia want to have  go at fixing my CPC's erratic expansion port?
Symptoms are.... certain devices connected to the expansion port cause the CPC to crash or behave erratically. Mostly, garbage pixels appearing on screen, but also failure to show the startup message, failure to display a directory listing, parts of the keyboard matrix not responding to keypresses, "file already open" error in response to any RUN" command. etc. etc.
When nothing is plugged into the expansion port, none of the above symptoms occur.
I've tried cleaning the edge connector to the best of my ability and the continuity on the solder tracks seems to be OK, but still the issue persists.
I'm getting desperate to get this fixed and I think that it is something requiring more professional attention than I can give it.
Is @Audronic still around? Would you be interested in taking a look?Any other volunteers?
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Re: Who will volunteer to repar my CPC6128 motherboard?
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