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6128 Plus Cartridge, ACID on PCB, but....

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--- Quote from: Shining on 09:23, 14 September 18 ---For a first go: The EPROM seems to be connected correctly but the chip-select pin is not connected ! This line only goes to the ACID.

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Ok, what do I need to connect? EDIT: Ah, thats Chip Enable ... as you tell in detail here:

--- Quote from: Shining on 09:23, 14 September 18 ---When you look at the front of your pcb, you will see that the third connector pin goes to EPROM pin 17 (bottom pins, left), Next connector pin goes to 18 and so on.
But connector pin 8 (from left) has to go to EPROM pin 22, which is not the case. If this is the only bug (I did not inspect the connections to ACID), a simple wire should fix it.

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Yes, I compared with your PCB and it's obvious, also another PIN is not connceted on you PCB, but on the one I got, please see attached picture: And the 2nd PCB contact from the right is not connected in your PCB, so I assume I have to cut this connection on my PCB, right?

--- Quote from: Shining on 09:23, 14 September 18 ---I do not know, if I find some time this evening, but i'll try if it works then.

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Please do so, it would be too bad to trash 100 units for 1200 Euros.

--- Quote from: Shining on 09:23, 14 September 18 ---Edit: Output-Enable is also not connected (EPROM pin 24). So the EPROM is definitely delivering no data....

--- End quote ---

Which PINs do I need to wire?

You cannot completely compare your and my cartridge cause I have some tracks on another side of the pcb than yours. Also I dont have an ACID on it.

But the good news is that my analysis was right: I just connected the expected pins and tadaaaaaaa, it woks now  ;D .

On the first picture you see the missing wire for chip-select. You can either use my solution: connect the wire to the cpc-connector or you can search for the same pin on ACID and wire it from there.

On the second picture you see the missing connection to output enable. You have to connect GND to this pin and GND is available at many places on the pcb. It is your choice which one to take.

Î hope you'll find a solution GUNHED. That would be a shame to see a so long time project of yours being badly beaten by such a problem :(

I posted the solution already !

Thank you very much, will heat the soldering iron up and hope for the best.  :) :) :)
Eventually I will sleep better this night.  :)


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