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6128 Plus Cartridge, ACID on PCB, but....

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Hi there!

This is a call of help to guys being very well in doing hardware.

I got PCBs and soldered ACID's on them, but now I see that the EPROM does not start the 6128 Plus.
The PCB with ACID does start the 6128 Plus (all ROMs external on an X-MEM), that works perfect.

But as soon as I solder an 27C4001 EPROM on the PCB, it doesn't work any longer. Most of the time the screen stays green, which means that somehow the EPROM does inhibit the ACID from working.

My question: Do you see a wrong track on the PCB? How can I save the PCB (100 have been made and populated with the ACID chip). Please take a look and help if you can.

Since I have one of your boards, I'll take a look.
Please give me a few days (buSy).
But perhaps someone else is faster....

I measured a little bit around  ;D .

For a first go: The EPROM seems to be connected correctly but the chip-select pin is not connected ! This line only goes to the ACID.

When you look at the front of your pcb, you will see that the third connector pin goes to EPROM pin 17 (bottom pins, left), Next connector pin goes to 18 and so on.
But connector pin 8 (from left) has to go to EPROM pin 22, which is not the case. If this is the only bug (I did not inspect the connections to ACID), a simple wire should fix it.

I do not know, if I find some time this evening, but i'll try if it works then.

Edit: Output-Enable is also not connected (EPROM pin 24). So the EPROM is definitely delivering no data....

You had 100 PCBs made AND soldered on ALL the ACIDs BEFORE verifying the board??  ??? Oops!



--- Quote from: Bryce on 09:40, 14 September 18 ---You had 100 PCBs made AND soldered on ALL the ACIDs BEFORE verifying the board??  ??? Oops!

--- End quote ---
BluesBrothers told they would work. He just told me that thecorfiot made them, I will contact him, maybe he knows somthing. Oh well.  :picard2: :picard2: :picard2: :picard2:


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