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Amstrad Action TypeChecker & Type-Writer

Started by CPCIak, 14:20, 25 December 09

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Anbei das Programm "TypeChecker" von Amstrad Action.
Diese Checksumroutine ist hilfreich beim Abtippen der AA Listings.
Das Pondon von CPCAI folgt in Kürze!

RUN TypeChecker

10 REM TypeChecker v1.0 by Simon Forrest
20 REM for Amstrad Action December 1992
30 memory &9fff
40 csum=0
50 for addr=&a000 to &a05b
60 read byte$
70 byte=val("&"+byte$)
80 poke addr,byte
90 csum=csum+byte
100 next addr
110 if csum<>&2add then print"Checksum Error":end
115 poke &a001,peek (&bb5b):poke &a002,peek (&bb5c)
120 poke &bb5a,&c3:poke &bb5b,&3:poke &bb5c,&a0
130 print"TypeChecker V1.0 Installed":end
140 data cf,fe,93,fe,0a,ca,00,a0,f5,c5,d5,e5,fe,0d,ca,22
150 data a0,5f,16,00,2a,5a,a0,19,22,5a,a0,e1,d1,c1,f1,c3
160 data 00,a0,3e,20,cd,00,a0,3e,18,cd,00,a0,2a,5a,a0,7c
170 data cd,45,a0,7d,cd,45,a0,3e,18,cd,00,a0,21,00,00,22
180 data 5a,a0,c3,1b,a0,f5,e6,0f,c6,41,cd,00,a0,f1,e6,f0
190 data 1f,1f,1f,1f,c6,41,cd,00,a0,c9,00,00,end


This (and this) are great, and probably really useful too, but wouldn't they be more suitable for the wiki itself?

Thanks for typing these out!!!


Und nun der Type-Writer für ältere AA Listings:

10 'Type-Writer
20 'by Pat McDonald
30 'Amstrad Action June 1989
40 flag=0:PRINT:INPUT "Am I a 464? (y/n)";h$
50 a=HIMEM-93:MEMORY a-1:RESTORE 200
60 FOR b=a TO a+&5D
70 READ c$:d=VAL("&"+c$)
80 POKE b,d:e=e+d
90 NEXT b
100 IF e <> 10566 THEN PRINT "Error in data. Please Check.":END
110 IF LEFT$(h$,1)="y" OR LEFT$(c$,1)="Y" THEN POKE a+8,&A4
120 z=a+34:e=0
130 f=ABS(INT(z/256))
140 g=ABS(((z/256)-f)*256)
150 POKE a+40,g:POKE a+41,f:POKE a+45,g
160 POKE a+46,f:POKE a+57,g:POKE a+58,f
170 POKE a+65,g:POKE a+66,f:POKE a+77,g
180 POKE a+78,f:POKE a+85,g:POKE a+86,f
190 POKE a+90,g:POKE a+91,f
200 DATA e5,c5,f5,fe,0d,20,18,21
210 DATA 8a,ac,01,00,06,51,59,7e
220 DATA fe,00,28,11,47,81,10,fd
230 DATA 4f,eb,09,eb,23,18,f0,f1
240 DATA c1,e1,cf,fe,93,3e,20,cd
250 DATA 22,90,3e,7b,cd,22,90,7b
260 DATA 07,07,07,07,e6,0f,c6,41
270 DATA cd,22,90,7b,e6,0f,c6,69
280 DATA cd,22,90,7a,07,07,07,07
290 DATA e6,0f,c6,41,cd,22,90,7a
300 DATA e6,0f,c6,69,cd,22,90,3e
310 DATA 7d,cd,22,90,18,c1,4d,61
320 g=g-34
330 IF flag=0 THEN flag=1 ELSE GOTO 370
340 POKE a+35,PEEK(&BB5B):POKE a+36,PEEK(&BB5C)
350 POKE &BB5A,&C3:POKE &BB5B,g:POKE &BB5C,f
360 GOTO 50
370 POKE a+35,PEEK(&BD2C):POKE a+36,PEEK(&BD2D)
380 POKE &BB2B,&C3:POKE &BD2C,g:POKE &BD2D,f



I remember the original Typewriter program by Pat McDonald being in AA45 because I got interested in typing in the type-ins after discovering this magazine, which began with AA44 (which had the announcement about the Typewriter program). The funny thing about this was I missed the original program in AA45, collected 46,47, could of brought 48, though glad at the time cause it was another Pat's programs which had bugs in it & I generally always missed (or my newsagent did) the Birthday issues which issue 49 was, which ironically enough corrected the mistake (some missing lines) from the program in AA48 and posted the Typewriter program again in that issue (not sure if it was on their B'day Covertape).
By that stage I'd given up on the Typewriter and just typed in the programs and debugged them the old fashion way (line-by-line), though finally after getting AA50, 51, the Xmas Covertape (which was a surprise to me at the time) that came with AA52, had the Typewriter program on it.  And the funny thing was the program had a bug in it or something and it was the bugged version which was on the Covertape.  ;D

I never had any issues with the Pat's Typewriter at the time, though when I got onto the Emulators and ROMs, I noticed this program was very ROM unfriendly, must of been a real pain for people with Real CPCs with their Protext & Maxam ROMs all plugged in. I'm not sure if this was the reason why Simon updated the Type-writer program to TypeChecker.

AA weren't the worst though when it came to providing a program to check your type-ins in though. For the short period I was collecting ACUs their I'd only came across the ACU Proofreader  once and I think in the beginning it was confusing cause the Checksum Codes that program provided looked like they belonged to the program.  ;D
* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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