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[AMSTRAD CPC] Get Dexter Longplay
« on: 14:01, 03 March 12 »
[AMSTRAD CPC] Get Dexter Longplay
3 March 2012, 1:15 pm


(ERE/PSS, 1986) Let's put it in a few words: this game (known as Crafton et Xunk to French readers) is one of the very best for the CPC. You're Crafton, an android who tries to escape from an experimental project. You must obtain a code to open the door to the outside. In the building, there are eight scientists, each of whom has a part of the code. You'll be helped by Xunk, a podocephalus (ie a foot with a brain on top of it!), who calls you when he has found something interesting, and occasionally helps you to jump over obstacles (and aliens). There are too many great and hilarious things in this game for me to detail here. The graphics are colourful and well designed, and the sounds fit the action perfectly. It's funny, clever, and great![/t][/t]
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