3D Grand Prix (Amsoft) Perfect Race - Zandvoort on Amstrad CPC

Started by ukmarkh, 19:15, 12 September 20

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3D Grand Prix by Amsoft was released in 1985 and I'm still playing it in 2020. It was originally a BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum release but later ported to the Amstrad CPC. You basically race around eight international circuits and you must finish each course in 3rd or better to qualify for the next circuit. In this Amsoft title, the first race takes place at Zandvoort, the Dutch 3D Grand Prix, it is here where we start the game and the focus of this video. I've never seen anyone on Youtube complete any of the stages without crashing or skidding off of the track, so I just wanted to create a series of races where I show it can be done.

The circuit is 1985 was 2.6 miles long which is 4.2km. Amstrad Action awarded 3D Grand Prix 87% "Very enjoyable and very exciting. Motor racing is a bore to watch, but great to play on the Amstrad." Amtix awarded 3D Grand Prix 86% "Challenging race game with some graphic faults. Still the best of its kind on the Amstrad."

The game was created by programming legends (in my eyes) Mick O'Neill and Dave Mendes, they also went on to program a game called 'Gate Crasher' which was more of a strategy game. But sadly it looks like they then called it a day, such talent has gone to waste. I often dreamt about a Grand Prix 2.


Let me know if you want to see me cover the other tracks and I'll make a series for each track. If there's any other game requests forum members would like me to cover, I'd be happy to cover if there's enough interest.

Hope you enjoy! Amstrad degenerate over and out  :P


Cheers for that :)

Back in the eighties I didn't really like racing games with this being the only exception.


Impressive effort! I liked it back then but found it quite frustrating, I now realise it was quite a great title. I didn't know it took so long though!

Thanks for sharing :)

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