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AMSCAST makes it debut.

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Morning/Evening CPC nutters.

Just a quick post regarding my new podcast which is Amstrad CPC based (With some Spectrum too) and I'm hoping to make this a monthly show, and attempting to book up guests right now.
I hope you enjoy the concept, and would love to know your feedback. Cheers

Oh, nice! But as a podcast, how about podcast platforms?

It will be on RetroUnlim website and iTunes

Why so 'closed'? It means that if you don't have an iPhone you can't use a podcast platform to discover and listen to it?

I guess I can download it (?) from the site but I can't put it on autopilot using Google podcasts or Spotify or whatever...

I use Podcast Addict on Android and, as far as I know, it can subscribe to anything, including iTunes podcasts.

Actually, I think it allows you to use iTunes search when looking for podcasts. So it shouldn't be a problem.


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