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Barbarian 2 Mock up and Plus demo by BDC Iron

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How difficult would it be for one of our plus emulator experts to add more capability for additional hardware sprites, bit like some have done with the spectrum community and spectrum next or whatever its called.  It could be like amstrad plus ++ with support for 32 or 64 or 128 hardware sprites do it would be possible to develop games like this.  Obviously it wouldn't run on real original hardware but could be put onto hardware fpga solutions.

Never quite understood the appeal. Why not just do a PC game on the CPC (or spectrum) style and be done with it?

I know what you mean, my thought is what I guess would be a relatively minor enhancement to existing functionality based on extending existing calabities.  I can only assume back in the early 90s it would have been expensive to do but easy now.  Maybe someone who understands this better could chime in.

A familiar character in an unfamiliar surrounding...............

French utility from 2013 by ?

If anyone can tell me exactly what I'm seeing here I'd appreciate it.



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