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Bit battles buggy boy

Started by NewsBot, 17:00, 07 January 15

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Bit battles buggy boy
7 January 2015, 4:06 pm

Bit battles compares the game buggy boy with versions from the c64,amstrad,spectrum,amiga,atari st and the arcade. ...YOU DECIDE WHAT VERSION IS THE BEST... C64 0:12 Amstrad 1:53 Spectrum.[/t][/t]
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Shaun M. Neary

This one was one of the biggest disappoints I'd played. It took me YEARS to source this in Ireland, I don't think I got my hands on it until early 1991! Long tape loading time, small playing area and made me feel like the game should have been called Lawnmower Boy due to the speed of it.

Didn't feel this one at all after years of searching...
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Well, as you all know I like to bitch at non-CPC version, but here the Speccy can show off his strength of the "text mode" or what he got: The buggy is really BIG! The color bleeding is there, but not too prominent. Nice version regarding the time it was made in.  :)
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I can see in what ways it sucked compared to one or the other version, but I still enjoyed it...

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