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ChinnyVision - Deathkick

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Oh dear! Oh dear oh dear!

But it was 1984 you cry! Yes, and so was Sabre Wulf! The real problem here is the game hasn't even been tested. Or more likely it has (because it crashes each and every time a short way into the game) but nobody cared less. Not the programmer, not the publisher. A horrible horrible game.

And as we know the CPC has a powerful BASIC which is capable of reasonable games. This however is just trash.

Zoe Robinson:
I've seen worse...

...but only because I hadn't finished coding them. ;)

I don't get what's wrong with this game. It's got great graphics, animation, sound and game play. Seems like a well produced game that was ahead of its time, I can't understand why people hate it.

I agree with EgoTrip! When I bought the game (with my Christmas tenner) in early 1985, I had to burn my copies of Pyjamarama, Technician Ted, Mutant Monty, Roland In Time, Blagger, Manic Miner, Roland In Space, Fire Ant, Roland In The Caves, Jet Set Willy, Bruce Lee, Sultan's Maze, Knight Lore, Oh Mummy and Roland On The Ropes as this was such a superior product!

I showed it to my Speccy & C64 owning friends and they smashed their own, inferior, machines and bought CPCs just to play this game!

Maybe your version was simply a bad crack; it did have an infinite lives cheat, after all!
I blame illegal games piracy for your bad experience with this masterpiece!

Shaun M. Neary:
Thankfully, I didn't pay for this game at all. It came on a tape that had a few others copied on to it from a mate.

We loaded it up thinking "Deathkick, with a title like that, it's GOT to be good", bearing in mind we'd played Bruce Lee (keep typing Bryce Lee in there, don't know why!).
What we got made us laugh our bollocks off, it was just so bad.

30 years or so on, we still laugh, only at our reactions at such an atrocity.
The real question is why @chinnyhill10 felt the need to punish himself so badly by playing this in the first place?  :laugh:


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