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ChinnyVision - Navy Seals

Started by chinnyhill10, 16:41, 10 February 17

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Lovely presentation, but boy is it hard!

Got it with my GX4000, Christmas 1990.
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Nice vid yet again chinny  :)

You would have thought they would have put an option in to redefine the keys on the Amstrad cart for the plus machines.   ::)

I'm not to sure what the best keyboard controls settings would be, but I've just done a keyboard controlled version with the following keys.

Q = UP          
A = DOWN      
O = LEFT      
P = RIGHT         
SPACE = FIRE      
W = JUMP         
H = PAUSE      

If you would like a different set of keys, just let me know.  ;D

I don't think the Amstrad cheat works to be honest, I entered " CPC " in the highscore table and the P button does nothing!  ???

If you're having trouble with the game, cpc-power has a version with Infinite Lives, Time, and Energy.

I've also made that use keyboard controls.  :)

If you need any other cheats options, with or without keyboard controls, you could have....

Lives, Bullets
Lives, Energy, Bullets
Lives, Energy, Bullets, No Harm
Lives, Time
Lives, Time, Energy
Lives, Time, Energy, Bullets
Lives, Time, Energy, Bullets, No Harm
Lives, Time, Energy, No Harm

Keep up the good work.  ;D


Great work! Will tweet this as loads of people are saying they want to give the GX version a go! Cheers.
ChinnyVision - Reviews Of Classic Games Using Original Hardware
chinnyhill10 - YouTube


Tidy game from the Ocean crew. Just showing what a really decent bit of kit the CPCPlus/GX4000 really is/was. It is so sad that these machines will only rarely be programmed for. The machine produces great graphics, lovely colour pallete . The game looks brilliant .Really be great to see a mammoth of a game brought out for the machine.I would love to know what great games it could handle.
TBH it makes me want to learn programming to produce a game(In my dreams)


Agree with Puresox, it does look great in every aspect.

Lovely vid, @chinnyhill10 !

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