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ChinnyVision: WEC Le Mans

Started by chinnyhill10, 19:01, 10 June 16

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Quote from: Shaun M. Neary on 00:45, 14 June 16

I thought Strider 2 was a god-awful mess, graphics wise, nowhere near as clean as it's mode 1 prequel. It was also ridiculously easy too. I think I finished it on my second attempt.

I'll agree it was easy but I enjoyed it a lot and I thought it had decent graphics with good shading, sense of depth, correct colours and genuine use of CPC-focuses graphic designing.   Strider 1 was a cheap lazy ugly disappointing piece of crud that could have been a hell of a lot more arcade accurate if they'd put in some effort redoing it for the CPC rather than crapping it out of as a Speccy port like they couldn't be bothered.
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Quote from: Puresox on 10:36, 14 June 16
I really don't know what your issue is ? What argument are you trying to construct? If you don't like the MSX . Then thats your preference. You seem to be making an argument out of nothing though.

The problem is that this morning i didn't take the medication, because of that, sometimes i need to take the katana and split in two some C64, speccy or even MSX  :laugh:

Jokes apart, you're right, i'm a blind CPC fan and sometimes i react this way to protect my little computer from bad words  :P


Fair enough, neigh problem


Quote from: Bryce on 09:45, 14 June 16
I have Penguin Adventure on Cartridge for my MSX. Very simple, but very enjoyable time waster.


After I did my Ping Pong roundup on the CPC, Speccy and C64 I got the MSX cart. It is light years ahead. Keep meaning to do an update video. Fantastic game.
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I still remember buying this on a cloudy dark afternoon after school. I didn't know about the game, I just saw it in the store and it caught my eye - who knows why. Maybe it was the shopkeeper that recommended it to me.

Anyway, bought it (original!), went home and was duly impressed. Not maybe mode 1 games, you see, so it looked quite different. I still love it.

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