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Cholo's Vids - Airwolf 2 (1/4) - Amstrad CPC
« on: 12:00, 20 July 10 »
Airwolf 2 (1/4) - Amstrad CPC
28 June 2010, 3:32 am


Can barely recall the movies/series back then, but anything with a chopper in it had to be interesting for a teenage boy at the time. The game itself dosnt seem to have much with the movie&series to do. Still ive always felt it was a ok shooter, even tho it dosnt go as fast and frantic as some people like it. Obvious this is a spectrum clone when you look at the graphics. But dont be fooled by the speed or graphics. There is a speed boost you can pick up, the one that looks like "electric cables" .. alas being faster will just kill you faster too. There are some real tricky spots where you need to dodge right or have the shield activated. Lots of upgrades too, but once you have the laser then you need to watch out so you dont accidentally downgrade. Much of the game is quite random so you cant predict when a enemy will shoot or what a bonus-powerup will bring. This adds another layer of challenge. The switching between audio and music isnt a bad idea either. All in all a ok and above average shooter that wont win any prices, but worth the time spend. By Elite 1987
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