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Cholo's Vids - Astro Attack - Amstrad CPC
« on: 01:00, 18 April 11 »
Astro Attack - Amstrad CPC
17 April 2011, 8:53 pm

Astro Attack - Amstrad CPC

Had totally forgotten about this one untill i spotted it on ebay and it jolted a memory spark. Did play this a fair bit back then as it was a really small game and loaded off tape in no time (like most amsoft titles). This type of maze/wall games was quite popular with the early arcade machines as well. Quite a early game for the amstrad as well, so you can forgive the lack of a title screen and no music. Gameplay is quite simple but plays nice and smoothly. This kinda game usually cant keep you interested for long either and a couple of little annoing things makes sure of it in this game. Like that you can only have one bullet on the screen at all times (but you can "autofire" by keeping down the button). Also you can still smash into one of the enemies while its "blowing up". Then there is the annoing "laserwalls" that has a tendancy to spawn right in front of you (like it happens in the video at the second go). Enemy movement is also fairly odd. So luck is a big factor here. I find it best to just play it casually even tho there is a timelimit as well. Sure you can just keep the firebutton pressed as its actually amazing how many you can hit "accidentally" but its a bit dangerous. The game keep making random maps so if you get a nice long streak at one at the sides you go there and wait as the enemies usually ends up there at some point. Even tho your "spaceship" can stop once its in movement, you can still stop by going into walls, and use this to your advantage. It ...
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Re: Cholo's Vids - Astro Attack - Amstrad CPC
« Reply #1 on: 15:29, 18 April 11 »
One of my first games when I had the CPC464 (brief time) from 1984 to 1985...

I loved it.