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Cholo's Vids - Bomb Jack II - Amstrad CPC

Started by NewsBot, 17:46, 28 October 10

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Bomb Jack II - Amstrad CPC
26 October 2010, 12:06 am

Bomb Jack II - Amstrad CPC

Never was much impressed with Bomb Jack II but of cause its also really hard to make a follow up to such a great game. Nice to see a mode 0 game again but a bit sad that they didnt use the mode well. Just looking at the menu to the left saddens me. No music at all, but at least you recognice the rest of the audio. Playability is pretty ok tho. Even tho its a quite hard and unforgiving game. You need exact movement and if you make just one mistake it usually kills you. Being fast is the key as the longer you takes the more dangerous the enemies become. Then on the other hand you may want to take the items in the right order to gain a extra life. But getting the items in the right order takes time of cause. Personally i think its not worth going for the extra lives unless its the very first lvls. The silly thing tho is that sometimes its actually a advantage to wait untill the enemies evolve fully as it gets easier to pass them (especially at later speeds). Game never ends it just gets harder and faster every time you the lvls and it changes the backgrounds. The game description says there are 40 lvls. but truth is there are quite a few less, its just the same lvls repeated at higher speeds (evolution) and with changed backgrounds. Another reason for not trying for the extra lives is that at least 1 of the lvls is impossible to get the right order (possible bug?). Then there is the lvl design. Not bad, but you do question the no. they appear. Why put one of the hardest lvls ...

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I used to be *very* good in BJI, never actually found it to be very hard. But BJII - nver liked it much, therefore I sucked...


Never did see BJ2 but doesn't look like I missed much.


Graphically it doesn't work very well either, indeed...


Indeed, a fairly average game. Unlike the first game you die way to often from randomness.

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