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Cholo's Vids - Castle Master - Amstrad CPC
« on: 05:00, 29 December 10 »
Castle Master - Amstrad CPC
28 December 2010, 11:18 pm

Castle Master - Amstrad CPC

Its real 3D woot! (lol). Quite basic of couse but back in 1990, lets not forget it took hours to calculate a single mandelbort image, so having acual moving "3D" with low framerate was quite something. This game also has the perfect amosphere, as a dark brutish castle with ghosts, bats and mice is kinda support the "rugged" (tho simple) design. Very little audio, but the audio is used quite effective (i still jump inside a bit every time i meet an enemy and the "alarm" goes off. Gameplay is mostly quite straight forward and you can complete the game slowly simply by being carefull, searching every room carefully (there is some hidden treasures i didnt pick up). What you are seen here is me going all out "speedy" so you can call it a speedrun if you will (even tho i didnt really need to enter the library or smithy .. but then again it would probably take similar time to get more strength from somewhere else). Then again you can call it a "longplay" as i do visit all the rooms that i know of. I apologise if its kinda a fast movie as i pretty much "run" all the time to keep things fast, but it makes things equally confusing with the low framerate. Feel free to ask about anything i do as it may not make sense without a bit of help. The overall trick here: i got all the keys first, just using cheese. I saved the "wizards hut" for last as when you drop down you get the "rev" potion that auto heals you for a good while and it make me able to go "rambo" on 2 and 3 floor (without ...
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