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Cholo's Vids - Chiller - Amstrad CPC
« on: 02:03, 06 August 10 »
Chiller - Amstrad CPC
5 August 2010, 9:51 pm

Chiller - Amstrad CPC

Nice little budget game that aint too clever but does give you some real challenge. Quite small game too with just 5 levels (but the levels are reused so you need to pass 10 screens in all). Neat little tune and colourfull graphics. Still, looks quite "chunky" and oldstyle platform-ish. It may look easy but really isnt unless you have figured out how to complete it and some of the lvls are quite cleverly designed, espeically the 5th one where i always get stuck. First screen is probably the hardest of the first 4. 2end one is the easiest one tho, along with the 3th one as they are both just jump and collect. 4th one can be a bit tricky but turns out to be quite logic. 1th one is the tough one as you need to time those spiders vs the crawling fella and not fall wrongly. Gameplay: collect the crosses. Picking up a distubingly poison-looking purple gives you a hp boost and the boring gray ones deals a bit of hp damage. Then there is a few coins to picl up. Once you get to past screen you girlfriend appears and you have to replay the screens backward with 2 chars and getting twice the no of crosses. Only managed to get that far once or twice and screen takes a "perfect" jumping session and you only get one shot at it. Never managed to finish the game. Anyways, pretty nice little game and you get at least
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Re: Cholo's Vids - Chiller - Amstrad CPC
« Reply #1 on: 09:57, 06 August 10 »
Nice, el cheapo early budget game. It was my nemesis - I don't think I ever got past the second screen - certainly not past the third one. My respect, Mr Cholo!

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Re: Cholo's Vids - Chiller - Amstrad CPC
« Reply #2 on: 16:54, 07 August 10 »
Thanks! Also looks like i need to proofread before i save a youtube post (never managed to make that many typo's, but then again it was quite late when i posted)  ;D