Cholo's Vids - Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - Amstrad CPC (1/3)

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Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - Amstrad CPC (1/3)
9 October 2010, 6:38 pm

Oooh! I remember the disapointment. Loading up the game you see these lovely colour screen and the menu below is also full colour. The the first level starts and you are in monocrome world (wonder if this was even playable on green monitor. Anyways, I do like the details in the graphics, as it actually do look like indy and not some square box running like in other games. Menu music is also nicely done (aka you recognise as the usually indy tune ;D ). First lvl is pretty neat maze, and makes the castle one look empty. The torch idea isnt bad but you sometimes do wonder about the location of the torches. On the zeppelin the torches has been replaced by passes .. that seem to do nothing? I didnt notice any more guards or that they should run faster when you dont have a pass. Also the passes has all been placed totally off-track. As you may have noticed i got past the lvl without picking up any at all. Even more usless is the whip. It does look really cool, but its slooow and is more likely to get you killed. Punching is the only way to go especially on the train. About cave: you may have noticed that i jumped down to get the cross and lost a lot of energy? It the only way ive ever managed to get in and out fast enough to get the next torch. Technically it might be possible pass the cave without dying, but ive never done that. As you may have noticed i "suisided" once i got past the cross checkpost, so having enough hp left to jump down later and get the cross. The train is ...
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