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Nosferatu - Amstrad CPC (Part 1)
6 July 2010, 10:10 am


Bought this one purely because of the awesome look cover and this being a vampire game (so it had to be good). This is one of those games where if you can finish the first part in a bad and a good way. If you just escape the castle then you get the "bad" second part where Nosferatu is badly placed at the very end of the map (aka more work for you in part 2). But if you escape the castle with the deeds (as seen here) then Nosferatu is placed much nicer in the middel of the map in the second part (aka less work on part 2). Anyways the game itself is quite average. Must admit i only managed to finish part 1 of the game back then simply because the game couldnt keep my interest going for very long. Still its a nice puzzler and everything has a function .. like boots prevents damage from spiders and the sword works great against bats. Plenty of hidden rooms and a large map to explore. Plays pretty smoothly too. Also daytime/nighttime makes enemies more/less strong. Music is ok but a bit short and might get on your nerves if you play it to long (press DEL to turn off). The rest of the audio is not worth mentioning. By Piranha 1986
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