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Rolling Thunder - Amstrad CPC (Cheatrun)
12 May 2011, 11:26 pm

Rolling Thunder - Amstrad CPC (Cheatrun)

Alrighty here is the whole thing (ive previously uploaded the first 5 lvls (aka "story 1") and promised id get the rest up. Alas im to lazy to get the playing skills back up again, so desided to do this cheatrun instead as its much faster and as "story 1" and "story 2" has the 99% same lvl layout (but a higher difficulty) i guess it would be best to simply show the ending and there is pretty much nothing else new to show. Dont forget to check those fanzy lasers on "lvl 6" tho and the boss "battle". Its a good idea to save some machine gun bullets for the boss battle as the boss then to freeze up a bit when shooting him with those. But he can be killed with normal bullets also just mash that firebutton. The boss dosnt shoot at you but you need to kill him before he reaches you or its game over. As shown here if you time your jump right you can jump down without him running at you and get a first hit in by shooting him in the back (a bit dirty i know). Note that using cheats actually makes it harder to play at parts (like if you fall into the lava pits you are stuck and its instant game over). The game is possible to finish without cheating but it takes a disturbing amount of patience and a equal pile of luck .. as the game heavy controls and odd random spawn will probably get you first. Know that just firing normal bullets fast is pretty much the same as having the machine gun bullets, so use it to your advantage. Bugs: yes there is a few. The most notable one is on lvl 1 ...
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