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Cholo's Vids - Saboteur - Amstrad CPC

Started by NewsBot, 10:00, 20 July 10

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Saboteur - Amstrad CPC
5 July 2010, 9:57 pm

Great little game from back when it was all about ninjas in the movies and Chuck Norris could still kick high in the air. Anyways you are on a mission to take down as many people and make as much damage as possible. In Easy mode as seen here you pretty much just has to excape at the top, but we took the scenic route here and picked up the disc as well. Note what happened when we got the disc .. the timer stopped counting down ;D Anyways this is a really hard game and i really dont think the programmer actually tried the harder lvls themselves or they would have noticed that is impossible within the time limit. Perhaps the time limit is good for other 8bit versions of the game, but for the amstrad version you also need to remember how hard it is to jump. Seriously, the controls are so "heavy" that its a wonder if you manage to jump at all. On hardest mode the layout even change so that there are more holes to fall into and they put the explosives in the room right next to the chopper (just getting to that is impossible). Aint that much audio in this game, but it really dosnt matter as the gameplay kinda suchs you in right away. The game really got heart and is a fun challenge in the beginning, but the bad controls drags it down sadly. By Durell 1986
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