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Cholo's Vids - Sim City - Amstrad CPC

Started by NewsBot, 22:35, 24 November 10

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Sim City - Amstrad CPC
23 November 2010, 9:15 am

Sim City - Amstrad CPC

Didnt even know this one existed untill i saw it for sale online. First time i saw Sim City it was the Amiga 500 16bit version and i recall being quite impressed by it. Seriously coundnt put it down for hours. So am i impressed by the amstrad version especially as its just a 8bit version? Sure i am. Its pretty much all there. Even the small details like when a street get crowded is in there. Also the evolving of the buildings are there too. Also even on "easy" this game is hard too. Its one of those games where you realise 20 hours later that you should have done something different earlier on. Also even to the manual is 80 pages long it still dont reveal too much. Sure aint much audio and grapics may seem a bit pale, but then again .. so was the 16bit Amiga version too. Do seem that i managed to catch a bug tho, somehow couldnt get the disasters to work while recording this video .. but it did work (horrible) well the other times i played the game. Even if you dont like strategy games i still think this one is worth a try. This being a Infogrames game dosnt surprice me at all. Made the incredible North & South and Hostages .. so this one makes sense too. By Infogrames/Probe/Maxis 1989

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Some of those games are amazingly ambitious on the 8-bits... you start questioning why they even bothered starting the project - and then you see they actually pulled it off!

Sykobee (Briggsy)

I remember this on my Amiga, great game. It's good to see the CPC version was pretty good too! Orange, though... Nice to see the trains and planes flying.


The CPC version is a classic, and I love this style of game. It's a shame that you couldn't use the AMX Mouse, would have been great!


I just had a look on youtube to check the different versions of Sim City. The pc version looks fairly "orange" too. One thing i noticed is that the Amstrad version is the only one to actually have tree's to demolish? Where pc version just looks like one big green ugly bush .. and the amiga one is even worse (just ground painted green). Not that big a thing with the "auto demolish" option, but still. Of cause the pc/amiga versions have audio .. hard to beat that. Oh, and the cpc version dont have hospitals either.

About ambitious amstrad games: yeah, managed to get a tape copy of North & South a few month back and its really amazing what they pulled of on that one. Sure it takes a good 15 mins at least to just load past the menus but the whole thing just screems "amazing". Sure its a disadvantage to have to load every time you get in battle/attack fortress but its worth it (especially back in 1990-ish).

Wish there had been a lot more ambitious game (like a cutdown tape version of pirates). Wasnt like people was worried about tape loading speed back then i recall .. like that D&D game where you have to load 30 mins worth of "hero profiles" untill you even get to the actual game kinda says it all.

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