Author Topic: Cholo's Vids - Turrican - Amstrad CPC (1/5)(CM)  (Read 502 times)

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Cholo's Vids - Turrican - Amstrad CPC (1/5)(CM)
« on: 23:00, 17 December 10 »
Turrican - Amstrad CPC (1/5)(CM)
17 December 2010, 5:42 pm

Turrican - Amstrad CPC (1/5)(CM)

Probably a top 10 or at least a top 50 on everyones list of best ever amstrad games. And no wonder why as the game is quite "stage of the art" so to speak. Also why there probably isnt so many videos online as the game uses some non-standard screen size so hard to emulate and capture. So please be a bit gentle about video quality, as i had to do this the hard way and the video has been recompressed 3 times. Also i apologize for my odd jumping somtimes .. my joypad is on its last breaths. Why am i cheating? Simply to keep the videos as short as possible. I dont really need the extra lives, but the 99 bombs is needed to get past the "digging" part in stage 5. Also not having to worry to much means that i can "speedrun" most stages and keeping the videos. Only very few times do i deviate from the fastest possible way (as you will note in this video where i take a detour at area 1 3 to fight the hornet-like boss). Anyways, this way i managed to record the "main" game just within 1 hour. It is possible to finish the game without cheating but it then takes a good 4 hour as you need to play carefull and go "offtrack" to pick up all the extra lives. Alas no music but cant complain about the rest that is for sure. I do wish the "flash"-beam had been assigned a real key (or all keys been reconfigurable), as its usully way too slow having to "keep the firebutton pressed" and you loose valuable time (and usually health) in those 2-3 seconds it takes. Especially on lvl 3-5 where every ...
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