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avatar_Zoe Robinson

Live Amstrad Game Coding

Started by Zoe Robinson, 16:49, 01 April 19

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Zoe Robinson

Hello everyone!

I'm still working on Episode 8 of CPCine but it's taking a while to get finished. In the mean time I'd decided to take the plunge and go into Live Streaming as a side project; because if I don't start now I probably never will. This is different to other retro live streams because I'm not playing a game, I'm writing one.

Live Amstrad Game Coding will run weekly on Sundays from 8PM UK time. Below is episode 1, where the start of the game and the initial portion of the game loop is created. If you enjoy it, feel free to drop by and say hi next Sunday!


This is very cool.
Takes me back to the good old days.

Zoe Robinson

Zoe Robinson

Episode 2 is now available. In this episode, I struggle to introduce objects into the game but it's worth the battle. :)

Zoe Robinson

Episode 3 filmed live last night. The game is really starting to come together, now. We have rooms, objects and puzzles! Next week, we'll likely see the main bulk of the game completed (I hope!) so that will be great. This is really starting to feel like a complete game!

I'm also starting to really wish I'd written something like this back when I was a kid. I used to make a load of text adventure games in GAC but always found that quite limiting in terms of the size of each room description, etc. Coding this way has opened up a lot of new possibilities. :)

Zoe Robinson

Hello again, guys!

The game is really coming together now, after Episode 5. There are puzzles, there are fun descriptions, you can move around the game and interact with the items, and you can even load/save your progress! It's starting to feel like a real adventure game! :)

Hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it! :D

Zoe Robinson

Tonight's GameHammer Live Game Coding went really well - lots of good coding done and the game is now progressing nicely.

Thank you to everyone who came along and hung out during the coding session, it's really appreciated. I hope you enjoyed what you saw (and that you enjoy the full game once it's finished!).

Zoe Robinson

As the game progresses, the chances of annoying bugs that Must Be Fixed just keep growing. Hence episode 7 of GameHammer Live Game Coding!

Hope you enjoy it! :D

Zoe Robinson

Tonight's episode of Live Game Coding has been a hell of a roller coaster. We've had bug fixing, we've created new bugs and we've been busy fixing those new bugs as well -  but it's all worth it because there's good progress on the game.

I'm now looking forward to next week's episode, where we will likely be reaching the end of the game (or at least making very good progress toward an end to the game coding in Episode 10?)...

Zoe Robinson

So last night's episode of Live Game Coding went pretty well. The game is nearing completion... except there's a bit of a snag.

Zoe Robinson

The game is finished!

It took three hours during tonight's epic session and at several points I really didn't think I would be able to do it but the game is finally finished! I'm so happy!

It may be a fairly rudimentary game and there aren't as many descriptions, etc as I would like but the game is complete and you can go from start to finish in it. I'm really, really happy. :)

The game is now available to download from the Wiki. :)

Zoe Robinson

No episode tonight, guys. I finished work at 4:10AM and i'm Knackered. Sorry.

Zoe Robinson

Tonight's episode saw the start of a new game, Dirk Headstrong and the Martian Madness!

It's a 3D game, built in 3D Construction Kit, and we had some fun getting to grips with the new game-making environment. This new game series is going to be a lot of fun, I think!

Next coding session is on Sunday at 8PM UK time. :)

Zoe Robinson

Tonight's Live Game Coding went very well and the new 3D game is progressing nicely. I have to say I'm enjoying working with 3D Construction Kit an awful lot more for this series than I did when I made a game in it back in the Nineties! :D

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