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[AMSTRAD CPC] Pit-Fighter - Review & Longplay
[AMSTRAD CPC] Pit-Fighter - Review & Longplay
9 March 2011, 8:08 am

[AMSTRAD CPC] Pit-Fighter - Review & Longplay
[AMSTRAD CPC] Pit-Fighter - Review & Longplay

Pit Fighter for the Amstrad CPC longplay (argh!!) and review.... One of the worst games ever for the Amstrad ... and cue the obligatory and childish re-naming to "Shit Fighter"! Warning, I may swear and say offensive stuff in this video .... *sigh*
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Terribad Speccy port...

PErhaps a shame...
I mean there were some good idea...
The 3D effect of the floor and public...

But badly executed...

Is the speccy version as laggy as this one ?

Let's compare :

Speccy seems a bit smoother yet the good old Colour clashes are screwing as ever.

Definitly the kind of game that should have been 128k RAM... and with specific CPC code...
The Port looks so straight from Speccy It simpy can't be smooth on CPC.

Sure it is more some sort of emulation than port.

Domark had a row of shitfesty speccy ports for some Arcade games in this era...
Or was it TEQUE's fault ?

Toobin', Xybots... Badlands and this one...

HardDrivin' too perhaps...

But also a lot of great games : APB, KLAX...Cyberball...Vinbdicator...

So WTF ?

Badlands :

Colour clashes spotted... :laugh:

So back to pit fighter.

Big sprites...ok...
But speccied to the death I mean... a proper use of Mode1 could have give lote better results...
Such as sprites in 3 colours...Black and White and 3rd colour... masked...
And kool blood effects....

And a proper CPC code with CPC implemented graphics and 128K Ram...well...
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Hmmm indeed the only good thing is the 3D floor effect.

I'm now debating whether I should waste 42 mins of my short life to watch the vid :D

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Ha! I probably wouldn't bother, after you fight the Executioner I guess 20mins in it just loops with you fighting clones of yourself for a few more rounds.

This must be the ONLY game I can think of that has *live* scaling going on....!?