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Title: Metr's vids - Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) Amstrad cpc HD
Post by: NewsBot on 05:00, 22 February 11
Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) Amstrad cpc HD (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFAMshXK00Y&feature=youtube_gdata)
21 February 2011, 11:31 pm

(http://i.ytimg.com/vi/IFAMshXK00Y/default.jpg) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFAMshXK00Y&feature=youtube_gdata)Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) Amstrad cpc HD (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFAMshXK00Y&feature=youtube_gdata)

Recorrido completo por el Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) para Amstrad CPC
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Source: Uploads by Metr81 (http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Metr81)

Title: Re: Metr's vids - Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) Amstrad cpc HD
Post by: remax on 23:38, 28 February 11
What a hard game. I loved this game and the movie too but i can only say congratulations.

Even with your movie, i still have tons of questions about why you do that and that  ;D
Title: Re: Metr's vids - Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) Amstrad cpc HD
Post by: Metr on 02:22, 01 March 11

I need to hurry to bed but I'll try to sumarize:

You need the to activate the search and jump on the second screen (jump is needed to avoid the robot inside the security area-2 on the upper-right-dragon-book-room).
You need the passcard to pass-through the security doors so you need it after you get the search. It's on the first screen.
There are some items to have in mind:
- key ring to open the locked files.
- bunch of keys to open the locked doors (like the security system one, the one with the jump hardware, the one with the screwdriver that is just a shortcut way and the useless door at the right of the dragon-book room).
- lit cigarret to provoke the fire-alarm to be activated (you must have the security enabled and the sprinkler disabled to prevent you get wet :D )
You only can get into the lit cigarrete room 2 minutes from every 10, (not sure if it's a couple minutes :59~00 or 00~01, :09~10 or 10~11, just to make sure use the :00's :10's and you'll be safe I think you get busted at :x1's).

You have 2 security areas:
- Level 1- main computer room
- level 2- the others

Then you have to do several steps on the main computer room:
- get the security system technical notes.
- get the password 1
- get the passcard
If you get these 3 items to the computer, you can disable the security doors level-2 and get in with the passcard, but at 17:50, 18:00 an so on, the guards gets you if you didn't reactivate it again.
With the security doors disabled you can go on trough the security door (the one on the dragon book room, upper right one) and get password 2 and laser hardware, need also the jump activated to pass the robot remember!
Also you can take Jump hardware (right of the first screen and also the SAINT technical notes on the second screen).
If you cant get the items in time, remember to re-enable the security before the guards get you (I did all this in one row an put the items outside the security areas, and also tried to get all the items in lockers to avoid having to use the key ring again, same with the bunch of keys for the door).

After that you need to get another items to the main computer room:
- alarm book
- password 2
- security notes
To get the sprinkler system disabled (to disable the sprinkler you need to get the security level 2 RE-ACTIVATED before or wont work)

Once you get everything ready is time to enter the main computer room with the lit cigarrete and start the "fire" so the guards go out of the main exit (I think for 5 minutes or so).
You'll need to have the jump and the laser activated from a computer, so you'll lose the search option, also you will need both hardwares so you'll only have room for that and the passcar, but as you need the saint manual to scape and make a robot at the second part, have it ready near a computer, exchange it for the pass so you can leave the security room and not enter again, activate the laser or jump at the computer, and leave as there is no tomorrow.

So, what you need to exit NOVA is the laser and jump hardwares and the saint notes, and have the laser software and the jump software, and scape ! :D

The rest of items is just for trade for others :D

Just remember to not leave the key ring inside a locker before you get all from them leaving crappy items inside, and not forgetting the pass inside a security area (except when you are leaving, because you change it for the saint manual, you can exit a security area without the pass, but you can't enter it again) or you wont be able to complete the game !

Sorry but I used only 5 minutes for this, need to hurry to bed waking up in 4 hours and a half for work, I think that's all more or less.
I dont know if I used so well the english here, half-sleepy and running, and If I said it easy to understand, hope with the video is clear ! ;D

If not tomorrow I'll reedit the post to make it more clear and use proper words :D
Title: Re: Metr's vids - Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) Amstrad cpc HD
Post by: remax on 00:49, 02 March 11
It's perfect. With Your explanations and what i've read here and there, i think i nearly got it all.

Perhaps two things : Is the cigarette always available? I wonder why so many peoples seems to have great difficulties to find it.
What happen if you try to escape NOVA without all you need in te second part?
Title: Re: Metr's vids - Short Circuit (Cortocircuito) Amstrad cpc HD
Post by: Metr on 09:01, 02 March 11

The cigarette is always there, the only problem are the guards. They are inside the room 8 minutes of every 10, so you only need to sneak in the couple of minutes that it's possible. Just don't make the mistake of entering the main computer room with the cigarette without having the sprinkler system disconnected or you'll have to restart again.
About leaving the building without all you need in the second part, I don't remember at the moment if it was just a matter of points and you can access the second part or if you'll have to restart the game, I'll try to check it at night when I arrive home :)