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Playing the games reviewed in Amstrad Action

Started by ervin, 10:21, 27 May 23

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Hi folks.
For the last several months, Barry Rodewald has been uploading videos to youtube where he plays the games reviewed in Amstrad Action in their order of appearance.
Has anyone seen these? They are fantastic, and an important historical record, and really deserve more views.
He gives each game a good amount of time, and for a brief moment it feels like going back in time.
@mahlemiut Keep it up Barry, your efforts are very much appreciated.



Ah yes, I should have included the link!
Thanks @robcfg.


Oh that's a nice project! Thanks for sharing!

So strange these are not in a playlist btw!


Quote from: ervin on 10:26, 27 May 23Ah yes, I should have included the link!
Thanks @robcfg.
You're welcome!  :D


These are basically archives of the Amstrad streams I do on Twitch every Saturday night (NZ time).

I can certainly put them into a playlist(s), that'll be better for organising them, at least.
- Barry Rodewald


That would be great really, perhaps in a numbered order? 

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