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Started by Retrodanuart, 00:20, 14 July 17

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Fernando Martin Basket Master is a game developed by Dinamic during 1987. It's considered as one of the best basketball videogames of 8 bits age and it features Fernando Martin, a popular Spanish basketballer in the eighties. He was the first spanish who played in the NBA.

Zoe Robinson

I remember playing this back in the day. As I recall, it was just called "Basket Master" on its UK release. It's a really good game, lots of fun.



That was the first Spanish word I ever learned, I think. I had so much fun with this game, playing with my mate... The slo-mo replays were just majestic!


I don't understand the gameplay ^^'
Replay sequence is fun  :D


Easy, is a one to one match, controls are simple: 4 directions and fire. Hitting fire when you have the ball makes you jump, and  then you must fire again to shot. Pressing fire and one direction makes you set the ball in that direction while you move. The gameplay has no mistery...


Really loved this game back then.  It was yet again another of the many fun games that came on that Top 20 Ocean pack for 99pence from Dixons. :)
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