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Super Space Invaders

Started by chinnyhill10, 19:51, 04 April 19

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Yeah, not the best is it? And those converted graphics are messy and horrible.

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But... It's SUPER!

I had it on my ST, I think, nice for a quick game or two, some charm and appeal, but not much else...


Bloody appalling on the CPC.  The backgrounds are so blocky cos they've been doubled in height (as well as the usual width from using Mode 0) so they look like bigger square pixels twice the size of Mode 1.

I actually did a quick palette swap of the C64 loading screen to CPC colours years ago when examining different 8-bit palettes and how each had to make use of the colours they had available.  I had used this C64 screen to try and see how CPC would cope with not having the choice of several greys the C64 has so have to improvise.  I think it looks ok.  Perhaps more interesting vividly to me cos standard flat greys are kinda dull.  But yeah anyways it's personal preference.   The colour changes do show up a few areas where the original image was a bit messy but sorta hidden by the more desaturated C64 colours.  As always this would look better on a real CRT (or a suitable simulation of, like on RetroVirtualMachine)

anyways i shush now.  Good review as always mr chin. sorry i didn't see that one til now.
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One of the fews CPC games converted from the Master System. C64 and ST releases seem to be awesome.
A perfect candidate for a CPC+/GX4000 port indeed.

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