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avatar_Zoe Robinson

Treasure Island Dizzy - GameHammer

Started by Zoe Robinson, 19:10, 23 September 17

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Zoe Robinson

As I recall (I only played Fantasy World on the C64 once and that was specifically to get footage for the review) you can't jump on the gator, you have to time it right and walk. It's stupid and they should have fixed it.

Shaun M. Neary

I ended up watching a longplay and getting the timing from that.

The C64 version really is a bug riddled piece of crap. Amarog's section is also bugged when you try to leave the bone and pick up the rock.

And DON'T get me started on the Hawk at the guard house. Really poorly done.
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Zoe Robinson

*adds this one to the list of games to drop when the inevitable C64 vs CPC debate rages once more*  :laugh:

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