Xyphoe's Amstrad Longplay & Review Videos (2nd half of 2017) Platoon/Airwolf/etc

Started by Xyphoe, 07:35, 15 October 18

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Allright guys! Hopefully it's OK with you guys, I'm going to post up here the Amstrad CPC longplay & review videos on this section of the forum as many were missed out from mid-2017 onwards with the forum bot misbehaving and I think eventually mine being excluded because of non-Amstrad videos I was doing (which is cool - I understand!)

So I'm going to post several here at once so as to not flood this section of the forum, and over the coming days I'll post the rest of them separately. Off we go with the 2nd half of 2017's vids -

[AMSTRAD CPC] Super Cycle - Longplay & Review



Thanks for pulling them all here :)

I'll have to fix that RSS fetcher some time...

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