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[AMSTRAD CPC] Cauldron Longplay
« on: 14:01, 03 March 12 »
[AMSTRAD CPC] Cauldron Longplay
3 March 2012, 1:13 pm


(Palace, 1985) Collect the six ingredients of your most powerful spell in order to defeat the evil Pumpking and thereby claim the powerful Golden Broomstick which is sought by the best and cleverest witches in the land. Fly across the landscape on your broomstick finding the coloured keys to the six doors, behind which lie each one of the reagents you require. As you peruse the skies, you are attacked by all manner of things; witch-eating bats, cloak-scorching fireballs, murderous pumpkins and badly behaved seagulls are just a few of the hazards facing you. A large, engaging game that is highly enjoyable in spite of its difficulty.[/t][/t]
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